​​​​Welcome to our Haunted Homepage. ​

​The Fright Family welcomes you to Fiona's Fright Shoppe and Frightfully Clean!

We opened it's virtual doors in 2006 with the mission of providing high quality and affordable handmade and family friendly items for our spooky daughter, Fiona. As time passed (and with a little voodoo from Fiona) we've grown to a frightful family of four! Our son Damian inspired our very own line of detergent free handmade soaps, Frightfully Clean. Keeping with our love of all things horror, each soap is created and formulated with a horror theme in mind. More recently, we have branched out to other pop culture themes and custom soaps (Check out our collaboration with Artmuffin!). Our original fragrances, sculpts and blends are created in our Lab by Maggie M., also known as FrightMom, with some help from Dad Fright. Get FRIGHTFULLY CLEAN!


​Fiona's Fright Shoppe is also home to Fiona Fright. A writer, director, actress and all around monster kid. She knew from birth that she had a love and a talent for the macabre.

​Being a frightful family presents its unique opportunities, one of which resulted in the formation of the Vincent Academy of Creative Thought. Our campus is located at Raven's Call Manor and we're a very exclusive school - the only way to get in is by birthright. However you can take a peek into our hallowed halls here to see what Homeschooling Horrors is like! ​​

​Contact us! M (at) fionasfrightshoppe.com​